1. Online English courses:

Elit Language Centre offers a comprehensive Online English course for those who are unable to attend face to face classes and prefer the convenience and ‘study as you go’, features of this type of programme.


Check out the Online English demo here.

Register for the Online English class here.


To enable convenience and a frictionless experience for users in the world we live in today, Elit Language Centre offers a variety of other online English features.


1. Online English Testing:

Elit Language Centre offers a range of online testing for students simply wishing to test their levels.


Try our Free English Test here.

Register for access to General English testing here.


Register for access to our IELTS Reading Tests here

Register for access to our IELTS Writing Assessment test here


2. Online Results Service:

For those students currently studying with Elit in our face to face classes, all results for any end of course tests will be available to view through the Online Test Results feature.

3. Online Staff Portal:

For easy access for our Elit staff to maintain important Elit data, all staff can use the Online Staff Portal.

What is Online English?

ELIT Online English offers both recorded and live courses in English for individuals or partner schools.

Each program of study will guide the student through up to 14 levels of English from Elementary 1 – IELTS Preparation.