Questions 1-3

Complete the summary

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer. Type your answers in the space provided.


Some plastics behave in a similar way to (1)______________________ in that they melt under heat and can be moulded into new forms. Bakelite was unique because it was the first material to be both entirely (2)__________________ in origin, and thermosetting.

There were several reasons for the research into plastics in the nineteenth century, among them the great advances that had been made in the field of (3) _________________ and the search for alternatives to natural resources like ivory.


ANSWERS:          1.            Candelwax                         2.            Synthetic              3.   Chemistry


Questions 4-8

Complete the steps by writing ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer. Type your answer in the space provided.



Step 1:                  Phenol + Formaldehyde – combine under vacuum

Step 2:                  Stage one resin, called (4)_______________

Step 3:                  Cool until hardened

Step 4:                 Break up and grind into powder

Step 5:                  (5) __________________  (e.g. cotton, asbestos) + catalysts + (Ammonia + Formaldehyde) (6)____________________

Step 6:                  Stage two Resin

Step 7:                  Cool until hardened

Step 8:                  Break up and grind into powder

Step 9:                  (7) _____________________ Bakelite

Step 10:                Heat

Step 11:                Pour into mould

Step 12:                Apply inessive heat and (8) __________________

Step 13:                Cool until hardened


  4.  Novalak

  5.  fillers

  6.  Hexa

  7. Raw

  8. Pressure

Questions 9 and 10

Choose two letters A-E.

Write your answers in the spaces provided. Answers can be given in any order.

Which TWO of the following factors influencing the design fo Bakelite objects are mentioned in the text?

  1. The function which the object would serve
  2. The ease with which the resin could fill the mould
  3. The facility with which the object could be removed from the mould
  4. The limitations of the materials used to manufacture the mould
  5. The fashionable styles of the period


ANSWERS:          B and C

Questions 11-13

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the reading passage?

In select the correct answer from the drop down box.

TRUE                     if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE                    if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN         if there is no information on this


  1. Modern-day plastic preparation is based on the same principles as that patented in 1907. TRUE
  2. Bakelite was immediately welcomed as a practical and versatile material. FALSE
  3. Bakelite was only available in a limited range of colours. FALSE